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 This image features a wooden hairbrush placed on a tray alongside other hair accessories, including hair clips and a hair ti

Extension Care Guide


Always wash with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Blow dry the top of the extensions so it does not hold moisture. Air drying the mid-strand to the ends is fine.

Oil the mid to ends of the hair at least once a day. Avoid the root area.

Brush your hair starting from the bottom, working your way up

Daily care

Sleep in a low braid or ponytail.

Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase.

Brush a few times a day to prevent tangling. Section hair and brush in between extensions.

When swimming, coat your hair in conditioner and wear it in a braid or tight high bun.

Hard water can strip natural and extension hair of color and nutrients. If possible use soft water.

Please know that salt water and chlorine can strip hair of color.

Use a MINERAL-based sunscreen only. By not using mineral-based, your extensions may start to turn orange/pink.

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