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Ready for thicker hair?

Have you been thinking about extensions, but are unsure if they are a good option for you? Read frequently asked questions below to learn more!
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Frequently asked questions

What is the IBE method?

IBE stands for Invisible Bead Extensions®.
The wonderful McKenzie Turley specifically designed this method to help solve the 3 major problems with most extension methods.
1-damage to the hair and scalp from over-directing the hair or installing incorrectly.
2- discomfort due to the beads rubbing against the scalp as well as beads being too tight.
3- lack of versatility in being able to style your hair due to exposed beads or bonds! 
This method prevents damage and discomfort sometimes associated with traditional methods of beaded row extensions. The best part…styling versatility! IBE means no more exposed beads or bonds, giving you the freedom to wear braids, top knots, and ponytails.
What will my in-salon maintenance be like with IBE?

Your first move-up will generally be scheduled at 6 weeks to check in and make sure everything is still looking and feeling good. After that generally, you can go 6-8 weeks depending on hair texture and home care. 

One row

This will be $150 to reinstall.

Two rows

This will be $300 to reinstall.

This does not include washing or styling. You may add additional services to this appointment.

How do I care for my extensions?

I have some do's, dont's, and products that I have tested on myself and my own extensions to best help you navigate your new hair! I will also be more than happy to go over these during your consultation as well.

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Pricing of hair wefts

Volume One Row

Love the length of your hair but are dreaming of it to be a bit thicker? Just want to dip your toes into the water and see how you do with 'just one row'?

Potential Cost For One Row is:

14" $480-590+
16" $552- $686+
18" $615- $770+

20"$690- $870+
22" $900- $1150+

24" $957- $1226+

The prices listed above take into account 3-4 wefts being used on a single row, sometimes up to 6 wefts can be used on a single row. The hair itself will generally last from 7-11 months with proper care.

Volume Two Rows

This is when you want some extra length as well as some extra thickness. Adding length and thickness requires two rows for the best blend.

Potential Cost for One & a Half to Two Rows is:
14" $960- $1180+
16" $1104- $1372+
18" $1230- $1540+

20" $1380- $1740+
22" $1800- $2300+
24" $1914- $2452+

The prices listed above take into account 6-8 wefts being used amongst one and a half to two rows. The hair itself will generally last from 7-11 months with proper care.

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