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Corvallis Oregon Hair Stylist


I cant wait to meet you.

Ready for low maintenance, beautiful hair color - served with an amazing experience?

I completely understand that seeing a new stylist can be scary and isn't always easy. I'm here to put your mind at ease and take away all of the stress and confusion through my unique new guest booking experience. 

1. Assurance

Make sure to review my service menu to get a good expectation of what your investment may look like and what is included in your service.

2. Discover

Fill out a short form where you will explore your hair history and goals.

3. Approval

Upon approval, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to book your appointment with me.

4. Commit

At this point will be set up with a reservation for your service feeling confident in our plan moving forward!


Guest Experience

Before the door

You'll receive a text on the day of your appointment with instructions on what to do when you get here. You'll be able to choose your drink, snack, and what vibe you'd like to have.

Your Warm Welcome

I'd like to introduce you to the space to make you feel comfortable.

The Diagnosis

We'll have a thorough conversation about your hair to ensure we're both confident about how to proceed with your service. You will feel listened to, excited, and taken care of as we explore solutions and plans to create your perfect low-maintenance hair color.

The Works

I'll proceed with your color application. We'll keep you entertained - either with music, wifi, or fun conversation. It's completely up to you! Once you're done processing, we'll get you shampooed.


The Experience

Every service package includes a hot towel head wrap and relaxing scalp massage treatment. I'll stay silent so you can close your eyes and enjoy your "me time."

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